Audi S5 Tfsi Quattro Auto V6



Todays car detail was Ali a used car salesman in Gateacre Liverpool

It was booked in for a new car detail 1 stage polish.

The Audi S5 as you can see in the video had been laid up under trees for quite some time, Ali was worried that the tree sap and bird droppings wouldnt come off but i assured him it wasn’t bad as it looked and just required some elbow grease and a clay cloth, i like yo use Autosmarts clay cloth, its easy to use and you get a lot of cars out of it for the money.

First the whole car was jet washed to remove as much as possible making sure to do all the edges in of thee car as thats where the moss likes to sit, then i clayed one side at a time and rinsed straight away, i was happy that under everything there was a beautifyl car.

After the was washed and because it was clayed the polish was easy to do,  a stage one with a 900 cut and medium pad, i didnt do one wing as it had been in a crash and was going in for repairs.(this isnt visible in the video).

The inside was a blessing after all that work, a beautiful red leather interior in near immaculate condition, all that was to do was wipe everything down and detail with the brushes, there was a bit of chewing gum on the back seat but that was removed easily with chewing gum remove and left no damage to the seats.

The smile on Ali’s face was blessed when he saw the car, that is payment in itself knowing you have done a good job.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the video.