Rs 6 V-Sprung Tfsi Mhev Quat A

audi Rs 6 V-Sprung Tfsi Mhev Quat A


Andy’s Audi RS6 shines bright after Gleamers Mobile Car Detailing brings it back to life!

When it comes to keeping your car looking its best, it’s important to choose the right detailing service. That’s exactly what Andy did when he contacted Gleamers Mobile Car Detailing after being recommended by his friend Miguel. He knew he wanted a 1 stage polish on his beautiful Audi RS6, but little did he know that the team from Gleamers had other plans.

Upon arrival, the team noticed the bonnet was looking dull and agreed that it needed a 3 stage polish to bring it back to life. The rest of the car required a 1 stage polish to remove all the scratches and swirls and to revive the shine. Andy trusted the team’s expertise and left them to work whilst he walked to the gym.

When he returned, he was amazed at how good his car looked! The team had done an excellent job and the Audi RS6 shone brighter than ever before. But the Gleamers team wasn’t done yet; they continued working on it for another hour, making sure it was perfect before showing Andy the finished result.

Thanks to the team at Gleamers Mobile Car Detailing, Andy’s Audi RS6 looks better than ever before. It just goes to show that trusting the experts always pays off.