Volkswagon Golf SE Cabriolet



Todays car detail was for Terri in West Derby Liverpool, a Volkswagon golf se cabriolet.

It was booked in for a new car detail 1 stage polish and cabriolet roof clean and treat.

After washing the car it was noticeable that there was a lot of fallout (rust spots, generally from parking close to a railway) Terri was advised of the issue and a nominal price was agreed for the extra work as not to break the bank. The fall out remover worked a treat and took the fall out no problem.

Then it was on to the polish, an easy job as the paintwork was good and the car well looked after.

The interior was a challenge, firstly all surfaces were cleaned and then cleaned again with quick clean and a detailing brush to give it the new car look.

The upholstery as expected was stained but no biggy, 20 years experience made it easy work.

Terri was considering buying new mats for the carpet and explained that it could be costly, so the mats were dyed for her, brand new mats for no cost at all.

The car wasn’t really in a bad way to start with but looked brand new when finished overall a good day, here is what Terri had to say about the service.

Theresa Cummins
Theresa Cummins
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Outstanding service from John today,very polite,punctual,professional ,very knowledgeable and extremely helpful and friendly and advised every step of the way,very honest and worked extremely hard all day on a car that has been neglected and could only be described as filthy!!! Will be continuing to use gleamers for regular valets, and highly recommending them!!! Many Thanks again to John for all his hard work,a pleasure doing business with you. Terri