XJ-S Convertible V12 HE Auto


Gleamers Car Detailing Brings Tony’s XJ-S Convertible V12 HE Auto Back to Life!


At Gleamers Car Detailing, our dedicated team of professionals takes immense pride in restoring the beauty and elegance of vehicles. Recently, our expert detailers, John and Patrick, had the pleasure of working on Tony’s stunning XJ-S Convertible V12 HE Auto, in Skelmersdale. With their expertise, they successfully removed swirls, minor scratches, and revived the polish’s luster, making the exterior shine like new. Additionally, Patrick did what he does best on the leather interior, transforming it into a luxurious haven. Let’s dive into the details of this incredible transformation!

  1. Restoring the Exterior:

John carefully inspected Tony’s XJ-S Convertible V12 HE Auto to identify the imperfections on the surface. Swirl marks, minor scratches, and general wear and tear were evident, diminishing the charm of this classic beauty. To address these issues and bring back the original gloss, John commenced a meticulous two-stage polishing process.

During the first stage, he used a cutting compound to eliminate the swirl marks and scratches, using a high-quality machine polisher to ensure precision and controlled results. This process slowly but surely eradicated the imperfections, revealing a smoother and more vibrant surface.

In the second stage, John focused on refining the polish by employing a light abrasive and specialized pad, enhancing the gloss to an extraordinary level. The car’s stunning exterior regained its exuberance with a mirror-like finish, making Tony’s XJ-S Convertible look as though it just rolled out of the showroom.

  1. Revitalizing the Leather Interior:

While John worked on the outside, Patrick delved into transforming the XJ-S Convertible’s opulent leather interior. Over time, general usage and exposure had caused some wear and tear, leaving the upholstery looking dull and lifeless.

With unrivaled attention to detail, Patrick gently cleaned the leather, removing dirt, stains, and grime that had accumulated over the years. Using a specialized leather cleaner and conditioner, he nourished the leather, rejuvenating its natural suppleness and leaving it with a glorious sheen.

Not only did Patrick expertly clean the seats, but he also paid careful attention to the dashboard, door panels, and steering wheel. These areas were treated with utmost care and precision, ensuring every inch of the interior radiated with elegance and sophistication.


Tony’s XJ-S Convertible V12 HE Auto underwent a remarkable transformation at Gleamers Car Detailing, all thanks to the skills of John and Patrick. With their expertise and dedication, they restored the exterior’s shine, removing swirl marks and minor scratches, while Patrick worked wonders on the leather interior, giving it a new lease on life.

At Gleamers, the detailers strive to go beyond expectations and deliver excellence in every detail. Whether it’s reviving the gloss of a classic beauty or rejuvenating the interior of a luxurious vehicle, our team is always ready to bring out the car’s true potential. Trust in Gleamers Car Detailing to give your vehicle the treatment it deserves, turning heads wherever you go!